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Technical translations, certifications: all languages, all fields.

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“The most human thing we have is language, and its purpose is to be spoken.”

Theodor Fontane (1819-1898)


What is translation?

The linguistic sciences see translation as the transfer of a fixed (usually written) text from a source language to a target language.

Translation – along with interpreting – is deemed to have the purpose of conveying language and culture (translation). The most significant difference between translation and interpretation is that with translation the source text is fixed and may thus be consulted repeatedly while the source text with interpretation is not fixed (it is usually spoken).

What to do?

Example: You have a supplier’s agreement which needs to be translated into English. For an idea about the cost, simply send us the text (via email, fax or mail) to receive a same-day quote. If the price meets your budget, you may okay the translation or contact us to clarify any uncertainties that you may have. Unless you have a particular deadline, we will contact you with a possible return date for the translation. If you forward the contract in Word format, you will receive the translation in Word format. Email is the quickest way to go – however, if your preference lies in mail delivery, we are happy to supply the finished translation by mail.

Special format needed?

Our portfolio of formats includes software such as QuarkXpress, Freehand, Pagemaker etc. We can even provide DTP services!

In-company terminology?

Not a problem! If provided before assigning a translation to us, it allows us to easily incorporate your preferred terminology right from the start, to avoid any time-consuming follow-up corrections.
To maintain your terminology, you will be assigned a “personal” translator for your translation needs in your respective target language. Our translation tools even include Trados, to maintain the terminology and constantly update it. A context is not always obvious, even following extensive research by the translator (such as when translating a particular word). A conscientious translator will always double-check. No translation should be left to chance!

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