An interpreter is a conveyor of language who – in contrast to translators – transfers a source language into a target language either by speech or by signs.

Interpretation is characterized both by the impermanence of the spoken word and by non-verbal factors, such as gestures, facial expression, intonation and general body language, but also particularly by the speed and intelligibility of what is being said.

What types of interpretation exist?

• Consecutive Interpreting

• Simultaneous Interpreting

• Conference Interpreting

• Special types of interpreting

• Miscelaneous

We can provide qualified interpreters for your business meetings, negotiations, presentations or conferences, as well for dealing with authorities or for private arrangements.

If you have meetings, conferences, presentations or other business appointments, our qualified interpreters can also accompany you on trips abroad.

We have specialists for all fields of expertise:

Architecture, construction, chemistry, IT, electronics, electrical engineering, energy, disposal technology, vehicle construction, materials-handling technology, apparatus engineering, hardware, plastics technology, mechanical engineering, marketing, mechanics, medicine, metal technology, patents, patent specifications, pharmacy, law, software, textile industry, environment engineering, packaging technology, contracts, advertising, business, economics etc.
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