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Ernst Festl  (*1955) Austrian teacher

General Terms and Conditions

1. Scope 
General Terms and Conditions of the Client are only binding for Sprachentransfer GmbH if we expressly accept them. The translation is performed on the grounds of principles of the duly exercised profession. As a rule, the business relationship is conducted between the Client and Sprachentransfer GmbH only. Any contact between the Client and a third party which Sprachentransfer GmbH refers to is subject to the approval of Sprachentransfer GmbH. The Client shall inform the translator timely about any special requests as to form (translation on data carriers, number of copies, ready for publication, external form of translation, etc.).

2. Remedy of Errors
We reserve the right to remedy errors. The Client is entitled to the correction of any possible errors contained in the translation. The entitlement to remove an error is to be asserted by the Client, precisely stating such error/s. If the Client does not instantly express his objections in writing, yet no later than within 5 days (receipt by us), the translation is deemed approved. The Client in such a case shall waive all claims to which the Client may be entitled in the case of a possible error contained in the translation. If the Client does not notify us within such 5-day period of an objectively existing and not only minor error, such error is to be described in as much detail as possible and we are to be given the opportunity to rectify the error. This also applies to express orders with a very short delivery period. If proof can be provided that the subsequent correction was futile, the Client is entitled to a reduction or a change. Further claims, including claims for damages for non-fulfilment, are excluded.

3. Liability
Sprachentransfer GmbH are liable for cases of gross negligence and intent. Specialist terms, if not documented or if no special instructions have been supplied by the Client, will be translated according to the customary, lexically justifiable or generally comprehensible version. Sprachentransfer GmbH or the translator are not liable for any errors in the translation that are due to illegible, faulty or incomplete source texts or due to faulty terminology or the customer’s own incorrect terminology.

Errors caused by a lack of information provided by the Client are not for our account. We are not responsible for style corrections of the Client; the translator adheres to the source text and does not interpret its content. Information and documents required to perform the translation must be provided by the Client unsolicited and in time (Client glossaries, illustrations, terminology, tables, abbreviations, etc.).

For text copy of a technical content the Client is obligated to verify the translation as to its technical usability himself. If the translation is destined for printing, the Client shall assign the finished layout for proof reading prior to releasing the text for printing. Sprachentransfer GmbH are not liable for any amendments performed to the translation. Errors resulting from the non-observance of these obligations are not for our account. The liability is limited to the amount of the contract value. We are not liable for delays or defects in performance caused as the result of an unclear, incorrect or incomplete assignment or errors or misunderstanding or even wrong formulations in the source text. The liability is in any event limited to the value of the respective order.

4. Cancellation of Translation  
If the Client cancels a translation, any already completed work shall be provided and charged to the Client. The assertion of any further damage remains reserved.

5. Delivery Terms  

Delivery terms are issued to the Client to the best of our knowledge and belief. They are at all times prospective deadlines only. A delivery is deemed completed if there is proof of the translation having been sent to the Client (send protocol). Upon request, the translation will also be provided on CD, diskette, or as a hard copy. All times are stated as Central European Times (CET).

6. Interruption, Force Majeure, Close Down and Restriction of Operations, Network and Server Malfunctions, Viruses 
We are not liable for damage caused by an interruption of our operations, in particular by force majeure, such as natural events and traffic interruptions, network and server malfunctions, possible other line and transmission errors and other obstacles for which we can not be held responsible. In such exceptional cases we are entitled to rescind the contract in full or partially. The same applies if for important cause, Sprachentransfer GmbH cease or limit their online service operations in full or partly for a certain period of time. Neither can Sprachentransfer GmbH be held responsible for damage caused by viruses. To avoid the risk of infection we have installed and activated anti-virus software and recommend that our clients do likewise. For translations supplied as a file, the Client is responsible for the final verification of the transmitted file and text copy. Any claims for damages in this respect can not be accepted.

7. Professional Secrecy
We shall undertake to maintain confidentiality pertaining to all facts of which we learn in conjunction with our activities for the Client.

8. Payment
Payment is due immediately following acceptance of the translation provided or within 7 days following the invoice.
Express deliveries that call for overtime or work performed overnight, on public holidays or on Sundays will be carried out following an agreement and are subject to a respective surcharge.

9. Prices
All offers and prices are non-binding. Prices are quoted in EURO unless agreed otherwise. For large-scale orders a down payment or a payment by instalments in accordance with the completed text volume can be agreed. All prices stated in our offers are net prices exclusive of VAT. Possibly published non-binding price lists are subject to change without prior notice.

10. Reservation of Title & Copyright
The translation remains our property until complete payment. Until such moment, the Client does not own the right of use. Translators reserve their copyright.

11. Applicable Law
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. The courts of Krefeld shall have jurisdiction for all disputes arising between the parties.

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